Our ABA Program

Our goal at New York Child Resource Center, Inc. is to promote the development of our young learner on the autism spectrum’s skills using our unique combination of 1:1 Applied Behavior Analysis programs customized to each child’s developmental needs and through our unique integrated groups, which allow our autistic students to socialize with typically developing peer models, as well as our communication group. Developed in conjunction with Rutgers University’s renowned Douglass Developmental Disabilities Center, and using the Early Intervention Best Practices for Servicing Children on the Autism Spectrum, our groups utilize the techniques that have been proven most effective to help our student body to improve their social skills and allow them to generalize the skills they are learning across multiple environments.

ABA Group (Offered at ALL Locations)

Our Enhanced ABA groups, led by a certified special educator, meet in two hour sessions five days per week.  Each child works 1:1 with a trained teacher’s assistant in their own cubby on programs tailored to meet their individual developmental needs.  The programs are individually written for each child by our certified special education teachers based on evaluations of their progress and analysis of previous data collected. Common skills that are emphasized in our programming include requesting, eye contact, attending, fine motor, matching and verbal skills.

Integrated Group (Offered at our Washington Heights and Brooklyn Locations)

Our integrated group with typically developing peers allows our young autistic learners the opportunity to learn from a single professional, different from their ABA classroom teacher, while working alongside same-age typically developing peers on small and large group activities in a new classroom. Integrated group activities include art projects, sensory play, gross motor activities, seasonal curriculum and music.  These two hour groups precede/follow the two hour ABA group sessions, allowing the children to apply the skills they have learned from ABA discrete trials to real-life social situations in an educational and supportive environment with peer models.

Communication Group (Offered at our Bronx location)

This two hour group is led by a NYS certified Speech and Language Pathologist/CFY, or Teacher of Speech and Language Disabled in a different classroom with different certified/ licensed clinical personnel. The clinician uses a combination of planned activities, learning centers and socialization to enhance language and encourage communication among peers, and to allow our students to generalize the skills they learn in their ABA discrete trials. The communication group precedes or follows the two hour ABA group.

Related Services

New York Child Resource Center, Inc. is an approved provider of home and center-based Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, Social Work, and Special Instruction.

Service Coordination

New York Child Resource Center, Inc. proudly offers both initial and ongoing service coordination services in both English and Spanish. Our service coordinators guide families through the Early Intervention process, from evaluation to assuring that services are being provided as mandated by each child’s IFSP (Individualized Family Service Plan). Service Coordinators also assist in providing appropriate placement for children transitioning out of Early Intervention on their third birthdays.


New York Child Resource Center, Inc. offers both home and center-based evaluations. In order to be found eligible for Early Intervention services, a child must be evaluated and determined to be exhibiting a developmental delay that meets eligibility criteria determined by New York City Department of Health Early Intervention Program and New York State Department of Health Early Intervention.

All of our evaluators are licensed/certified and experienced in their areas of expertise (including Special Education, Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, Social Work and Psychology).

An Early Intervention evaluation is of no out-of-pocket cost to participating families, and services for children found eligible for Early Intervention services are of no direct cost to their families. Please feel free to contact us via phone or e-mail for more information about the evaluation process.